Our Approach and Philosophy

early global education

Time for a new approach

In our interconnected and mobile world, solving economical, diplomatic, ecological issues on a global level requires a new educational approach. Crosscultural competences, effective communication, global thinking are becoming a necessity in an era of international collaboration and exponential technological development . 

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early global education

Take advantage of benefits of multilingual education

GCS philosophy focuses on designing multicultural and multilingual environments for young children. Such environments bring cognitive development boost, confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, switching between tasks, focusing while filtering irrelevant information, mindfulness and creative skills. It also installs an intercultural mindset we are looking for in our global society.

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early global education

The power of intentional play

At GCS, intentional play is a fundamental aspect of our educational philosophy. Taking a holistic approach, we nurture children's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development through play experiences. These experiences not only bring joy but also enhance essential social skills, problem-solving abilities, imaginative play, and critical thinking. Our dedicated teachers actively enrich these play experiences by asking open-ended questions, providing props, and supporting exploration.

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early global education

The leaders of tomorrow

In today's global society, developing cross-cultural competences in young children has several benefits. It enhances their ability to effectively communicate and understand individuals from different backgrounds, fostering empathy and building strong interpersonal skills. Additionally, cross-cultural competences enable children to navigate and adapt to diverse cultural norms, promoting tolerance and respect for diversity. These competences also broaden their perspectives and encourage critical and creative thinking. Ultimately, they prepare children to actively engage in a globalized world where collaboration, open-mindedness, and cultural sensitivity are crucial for solving complex global challenges.

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Our Curriculum

Natural Ability of Learning
At Global Children School, we encourage inquisitiveness and exploration, fostering a love of learning in ourstudents. Our objective is to inspire global citizens by harnessing a child’s natural learning abilities and nurturingtheir potential as world learners. Through exploratory learning, we provide the tools necessary for intentionalplay that surpasses State and National standards. By utilizing technology, multicultural environments, and teach-er guidance, we empower learners to express themselves creatively.
Playful Academics
Our  program is trilingual, offering engaging activities in reading, math, civics, geography, history,economics, science, Legos (technology), English, Russian, and Spanish. Our student-centered, project-basedapproach promotes individualized learning and takes into account the varied rates at which children developphysically, emotionally, and intellectually.
Skills for 21st century
Our curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, nurturing imagination andcreativity, fostering self-direction and motivation, promoting language development, introducing basic mathand economic concepts, integrating hands-on science activities, and exploring social studies. We recognize thatkindergarteners have a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and our program capitalizes on this byproviding hands-on activities and opportunities for interaction and sharing with others.